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Member Specialist Connect
Stan Sandig Sculptor
Sylvia Schroer Ceramicist
Edward Bacon Horologist
Peter Orange Web design/painter
Nduka Omeife Watercolour artist
Laurence Tilley Artist/photographer
Jill Tattersall Mixed media artist
Catherine Inglis Printmaker
Ainslie Waller Printmaker
Ruth Beloe Painter and Sculptor
Kate Buckley Ceramics
David Cooper Artist/Illustrator
Heather Dawe Basket Weaver
Chrissie Dell Printmaker
Jane Duke Artist/Printmaker
Charlotte Bowman Painter
Judith Glover Ceramics
Di Gomery Painter
Mandi Grant Artist
Bethan Griffiths Ironwork
Sophie Hamilton Ceramics
Donna Taylor Painter/Theatre Design
Emily Harvey Printmaker
Michelle Hughes Printmaker/Designer
Jacqueline James Weaver
Julie Lightburn Painter
Sue Maughan-Brown Textiles
Keith McIntosh 3D Designer Maker
Tim Pearce Ceramics/Painter
Ann Petherick Gallery Owner
Janette Ray Bookseller
Jo Ruth Artist/Printmaker
Liz Salter Painter
Saul Salter Painter
Ted Schofield Painter/Illustrator
Lesley Shaw Artist/Printmaker
Ann Sotheran Stained Glass
Karen Thomas Jeweller
David Tinkler Artist
Chris Topp Blacksmith/Ironwork
Jacqueline Warrington Jeweller/Silversmith
Julia Williams Artist
Charlotte Willoughby-Paul Painter/Printmaker

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